'Apply just the right amount of force — never too much, never too little.'          - Jigoro Kano

Established in 1948 Judokwai is the oldest and one of the most consistently successful Judo clubs in New Zealand.

Our club is centrally located at 68 Hillside Rd in Glenfield of Auckland's North Shore. We are fortunate to have a permanent dojo, equipped with changing rooms and an upstairs area for special occasions, events or for just sitting and watching training from above.

Judokwai has a membership of over 100, ranging from juniors to seniors; novices to New Zealand/Olympic representatives.  Judokwai is a club for anyone with an interest in Judo. Regardless of age, gender or ability, there is a class to suit.

We are lucky to have a number of coaches at Judokwai who have had many experiences in the world of Judo and share their knowledge with all fellow  judoka at Judokwai.

New members are always welcome, as are visitors from other clubs within New Zealand and overseas.

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