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'Apply just the right amount of force — never too much, never too little.'          - Jigoro Kano

Brent Cooper

Brent is New Zealand’s only judo player to win a gold medal at a Commonwealth Games. He was ranked in the top 10 players in the world and placed 5th in the 1988 Olympic Games. Brent brings a wealth of experience to the club.

Paul Wong

Paul has many years of Judo experience. He has won numerous National titles and was a top ranked Oceania player during his time as a competitor. He devotes his time to developing Judokwai’s junior Judo players.

Kirk Doran

Kirk has competed internationally for New Zealand many times with great results. His coaching style has inspired many and he is responsible for the development of numerous top Judoka in New Zealand.

Keith Salmon

Keith is Judokwai’s kata specialist and holds numerous national and international titles in this discipline of Judo. He has assisted many players with attaining their black belt grading and offers a Judo kata class for those that are just starting in the sport to more advanced players.

Adam McGregor

Adam started judo in the UK. He is an experienced coach and is now passing on his skills to our junior judo players.

Bradlee Wong

Bradlee started judo at Judokwai in 2010 and is currently on the New Zealand Judo Team. He has won numerous national and international titles, and is aiming to compete in the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Bradlee coaches Judokwai's junior judo players.

Cristyn Jones

Cristyn is one of Judokwai's high level athletes on the New Zealand Judo Team. She has won many medals at an international level and has numerous national title wins under her belt. Cristyn is responsible for coaching young children who are at a beginner level.

Gavin Bisett

Gavin was a top level junior and cadet player and is now responsible for developing young beginner childrens judo.

Our Coaches